5* Spa Treatments

Exclusive Spa Treatments available at Longueville Manor, Jersey.


Due to the active nature of the products used within the spa, clients must be a minimum age of 16. Some treatments under the age of 18 may need parental consent and a parent or guardian may need to be present. These treatments are marked **.




Jersey Skin, a member of Genuine Jersey, uses all natural and cruelty free ingredients, which are locally sourced, grown and harvested on our beautiful island of Jersey. 


A sensory test will be performed at the start of each treatment, to enable you to embark on your individual pathway, thus leading you into a journey of pure relaxation.


Rose  – Exquisite flowers renowned for their beauty and enchanting fragrance. Heavenly, delicate and soothing.


Lemon – The smell of lemon has been shown to boost energy and alertness. Lemon scent in particular can reduce stress and leave a positive feeling. Aromatic, uplifting and stimulating.


Lavender – Elegant flowers that offer anxiety reducing effects. Lavender is a calming scent for relaxation and helps create a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness.



Jersey Skin Bespoke Body massage**

Indulge yourself in this relaxing treatment whilst the therapist gently works away the stresses and strains of daily life using a blend of Jersey Skin oils


(this treatment can also be performed on pregnant ladies from 13 weeks gestation).  


60 min - £90, 30 minutes - £50


Jersey Skin Body Rebalance**

An invigorating full body exfoliation followed by a full body massage that will leave the skin smooth, moisturised and totally relaxed.


90 minutes - £140


Jersey Skin Full Body Exfoliation**

Experience a body treatment to smooth, soften and to encourage the regeneration of new skin cells. A customised full body exfoliation, is followed by the application of body moisturiser, leaving your skin soft and supple.45 minutes - £70


Jersey Skin Indulge Me**

A truly indulgent treatment which will relax you from head to toe. It combines a back exfoliation, back massage, along with a face, scalp and ear pressure point massage, concluding with a foot massage.


90 minutes - £140


Jersey Skin Back Ritual*

 A facial for the back area. A cleansing treatment combined with exfoliation, hot steamed towels and a back massage, leaving the skin refreshed and revitalised.
45 minutes - £75


Jersey Skin Head Ritual**

 A face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage to help bring clarity of the mind, release emotional stress, stimulate circulation, relieve sinus congestion and relax tense muscles.


30 minutes - £50


Jersey Skin Foot Ritual

 A luxurious foot treatment combining a foot wash and exfoliation, followed by a deep pressure point foot massage which will relax the entire body and mind, finished with a soothing lavender moisturiser


45 minutes - £70


Tel: +44 1534 725501 Email: info@longuevillemanor.com