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100% Natural, Handmade Bath Bombs by Jersey Skin! 

Containing natural botanicals and local ingredients. We also make our bombs with soothing oils to help hydrate skin whilst you bathe!

Available in 6 scents!

Jersey Geranium & Rose, with sweet almond oil.

Jersey Lavender & Eucalyptus, with sweet almond oil.

Jersey Lemon Verbena, with sweet almond oil.

Jersey Bay Leaf & Black Pepper, with sweet almond oil.

Coconut & Vanilla, with coconut oil.

Lime & Bergamot, with Jersey Hemp Oil.


It’s taken almost 9 months, but our Bath Bombs have landed on our shelves!

We sat down last year and made a simple bath bomb from a kit online. It was pretty straight forward! We then started manipulating the recipe and process to include local botanicals and removed all synthetic ingredients. This was when the process got difficult.

There are many way to make Bath Bombs, however a leading cosmetic giant owns the patent to making Bath Bombs, making it illegal for us to follow their process. We worked really hard to make out own and FINALLY we have done it!

HOWEVER - these are not just bath bombs!

As you know, at Jersey Skin we are keen to make products that aid the protection of sensitive skin. Bath Bombs don’t tend to offer many skin-positive qualities, its more of a relaxing experience. Our Bath Bombs are made with incredible natural oils which you can feel as soon as you get in the tub! These oils keep skin hydrated whilst you bathe and also once you get out!


Available to buy individullay wrapped or as a set - which comes in a free gift box!